The major theories associated with human sexual behavior.

In Week 3  an annotated bibliography was conducted(look at attachment) using the course competencies as a guide in choosing the articles.  For this week you will take that information and incorporate it .   Week 3 use the course competencies as a guide to developing.

  1. The major theories associated with human sexual behavior.
  2. The history of sexual behavior.
  3. The features associated with male and female anatomies, physiologies, and sexual responses.
  4. Commonalities and differences in sexuality across childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
  5. Gender roles in the expression of human sexuality.
  6. The current trends in human sexuality.
  7. The interplay between intimate relationships and sexual behavior.
  8. The occurrence and course of sexual disease and dysfunction.
  9. The features of sexual coercion (e.g., implicit and explicit).
  10. The role of the media in the promulgation of sexually explicit materials.
  11. The aspects of culture, environment, and geography that impact sexual behavior.

should adhere to the following guidelines:

For the main sections, it should have:

  • A title page
  • An abstract (not more than 250 words)
  • An introduction- two pages in length
  • A literature review-The literature review is taken in part from what you wrote in Week 3. The literature review is not a copy of that material. Rather, it is a synthesis of the material you found into a cohesive review of the literature on your chosen topic.
  • Discussion or conclusions-The discussion and conclusions section should be one to two pages in length.
  • References

NO plagerism,Remember to follow the APA format and style.