There is 11 questions to answer some multiple choice and some written. And this one is one of them Yasmine believes that attractive people make more money because among her four friends who work at a local restaurant, the most attractive of the four makes

Activity #3 Exam 1 Review

Multiple choice (1/2 point each)

1.Which of the following is an example of applied research?

a.A social psychologist who is interested in the components of self-concept.

b.An educational psychologist who looks for a way to increase math skills in 8-year-olds.

c.A personality psychologist who studies the difference between introverts and extroverts.

d.A cognitive psychologist who looks at the difference in problem-solving abilities of men and women.

2.Articles that could be considered journalism

a.are typically written by scientists.

b.are typically written for scientists.

c.are hard to access not require specialized education to read.

3.Salma conducts a study and finds that her data do not completely support her theory. Which of the following statements should she avoid saying?

a.“My data are inconsistent with my theory.”

b.“My data disprove my theory.”

c.“My theory needs amending.”

d.“I need to collect more data.”

4.What does it mean that behavioral research is probabilistic?

a.Conclusions drawn from behavioral research are probably true.

b.Behavioral research involves probability sampling.

c.Inferences drawn from behavioral research are not expected to explain all cases.

d.Behavioral research requires the calculation of probability estimates.

5.Sasha believes that she is a nice person. To confirm this, she asks all of her friends whether she is a nice person; they all agree that she is. Sasha concludes that she is a nice person and says she has evidence of it. However, she does not ask any of her enemies whether they think she is a nice person. This is an example of which of the following?

a.Confirmation bias

b.Availability heuristic

c.Fourth cell reasoning


6.Compared with doing a generic Internet search, why is PsycINFO a superior way to find scientific sources?

a.It is free.

b.It searches only source in psychology and related fields.

c.It can be done on any computer.

d.It searches scientists’ websites.

7.Dr. Ramon makes the following claim: “Watching television leads people to spend less time communicating with their spouses, study says.” Dr. LaSalle makes the claim: “Research show that making more money correlates with spend less time with your spouse.” Which type of claim is Dr. Ramon making?

a.Anecdotal claim

b.Associated claim

c.Causal claim

d.Frequency claim

8.Dr. Hadden wants to conduct a study that will allow him to make claims that apply to all college students. Which of the following validities is he prioritizing?

a.The statistical validity of the study

b.The internal validity of the study

c.The construct validity of the study

d.The external validity of the study

10.Imagine that you are a clinical researcher who studies depression. Provide an example of basic and applied research you might conduct. (3 points)

11.Yasmine believes that attractive people make more money because among her four friends who work at a local restaurant, the most attractive of the four makes the most tips. A study by Judge, Hurst, and Simon (2009) found that attractive people make more money than unattractive people. Provide two reasons why Yasmine should be more convinced about the relationship between attractiveness and income by the Judge, Hurst and Simon paper than by her person experience. (3 points)