Traditional and alternative sentencing, law assignment help


In this assignment, you will consider two hypothetical
criminal cases for sentencing. Then, you will write a paper explaining
the sentences you would give and your reasons for doing so. You will
also consider the value of the alternative sentencing practices.
Please consider both of the following scenarios as you complete this

    • Scenario A: Defendant A has been caught dealing marijuana
      out of her home. It is her second offense; she has already served time.
      She is the single parent of two small children and has a history of
      spousal abuse.
    • Scenario B: Defendant B was driving drunk and caused a car
      crash. The two victims in the other car were significantly injured but
      survived. Defendant B has expressed remorse. This is his first offense,
      and his blood alcohol was close to the legal limit.

Write a paper in which you address the following components:

    • Describe the possible traditional and alternative sentences you could give in each case.
    • Select the sentence you would assign to each criminal.
    • Explain why you would give the selected sentences. Discuss the value of the sentence.
    • You should write 1.5 pages in response to EACH scenario (3 pages total).

Be sure to address all prompts and cite your sources in APA format. Submit your final draft to the Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59PM (Mountain).