two Risk for Nike?

I will attached all 3 previous assignments that are related to this assignment. That will help you answer better the question.

Note two risks/threats your company is facing currently from either the economy, the industry,
issues with the company itself or changes within the society. For example, Coca-Cola is facing
risks due to the U.S. society becoming more health conscious. You can find many risks the
company believes they are facing within their SEC 10-K. Please note at least one course of
action the company can take to combat the risks you have noted and discuss how this course of
action can alleviate the risks.
Review the company’s income statement. This can be found within the SEC 10-K in the
consolidated financial statements. Review the revenues or expenses and discuss one account.
Note how you could either increase the company’s revenues or reduce one of their expenses to
increase their net income.
Paper Format: Size 12 type, double spaced, 1″ margins. The length of the paper should be 3
pages.Please note two scholarly sources that were not used in the previous three assignment papers.
Please note all eight scholarly sources that you used for all four assignment papers.