Complete History Paper


I am interested to find out if there was a drastic difference in how blacks and white were treated during the war. Although they were fighting the same fight I am sure there was segregation. In addition, I would like to research how African American women were treated back home since WWI had an impact on women rights. The way African American soldiers were treated when they came back home from war also interests me.

Thesis Statement:

After the civil war, African American men were still not being rendered the same respect and treatment as their white American counterparts while serving in the first Great War. Even after fighting on the front lines, African American men not only faced with unequal treatment, the struggles of African American women were on the rise.

These are the requirments for the history paper

Final Paper (25 % of the final grade) Due date October 14th

Student’s will write a 5 to 8 page research paper on their topic and a bibliography page, and a cover page.. The paper should have two primary sources, two Academic Journals and 4 secondary sources (at the minimum). Students must use proper APA Style format for citations and the bibliography. Your grade will be based on a combination of content (the strength of your thesis and the evidence you use to support it), style (how well the information flows), and accuracy of spelling, grammar, and notation.